Camp Kieve has a collection of newly remodeled cabins with covered porches on 300 wooded acres, along three miles of shoreline on a peninsula in Lake Damariscotta. The accommodations are simple with a communal orientation in a beautiful, lakeside environment.

Cabin Stay

These modern cabins provide comfortable accommodations nestled within earshot of loon calls on the lake and easily accessible wooded pathways. The cabins are co-ed and each has an allotted number of wood frame bunk beds, where countless numbers of children have dreamt their dreams through summer nights. Bunks are available on a first come first serve basis. Conveners cannot reserve bunk spaces for attendees, so please arrive early enough to choose a spot that makes you happy.

Maine weather in late Spring can be unpredictable. Bedding and pillows are not provided so please pack accordingly. Each cabin has a furnace and two bathroom facilities with showers. All cabins are handicapped accessible.

Tent Camping

You may wish to be closer to the outdoors. Tenting along the lake can be the most perfect setting for solitude, writing, and creating, and the best way to hear the loons calling across the water in the stillness of the night. Considering the unpredictable Maine weather, claiming a backup bunk space indoors in case of excessive rain or other inclement weather may be a good idea if tenting is your preference.