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Thank you for your interest in participating in the Art Gallery of the Great Mother and New Father Conference. We look forward to meeting you and sharing your work with the community. Download a PDF of the Gallery Participant Guidelines.

Gallery Participant Guidelines Overview

  1. In registering online, please include your website address and 2 jpegs that are representative of your work. After having done so, you can fine-tune the selection of work you want to send or bring to the conference, and send jpegs of those to, complete with label information (artist name, title of work, media, price including 30% for gallery) in the weeks leading up to May 1st.
  2. Work must be uniquely created by participating artist. You may bring multiple prints of any given work. Work can be in a variety of media including but not restricted to painting, drawing, print, photography, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts, book arts, mixed media, etc. There will also be the opportunity to display work outdoors.
  3. Feel free to create work inspired by this year’s Conference Theme to be included in the Theme exhibit in the gallery.
  4. Please prepare your work to be presented in a professional manner. Although we are convening in a rustic environment, the gallery is a fine art gallery, and the artwork will be mounted accordingly. Please make sure paintings and prints are mounted, matted and/or framed, and that they are prepared with hardware to hang them. If you have a unique way that you would like to present your work, or if you have any questions regarding professional presentation, please feel free to contact Clara DeGalan.
  5. As a rule of thumb don’t expect more than 6 works to be displayed in the course of the week. However, bringing more than 6 works increases the flexibility for the curators to select work to evolve the display from day to day, as the exhibit will change in response to developments at the conference.
  6. Upon arrival at Camp Kieve you will check in at the registration desk, and submit your work, or check that your shipment has arrived. Provide the gallery administator at the registration desk with a list of the works you have brought, listing artist name, title of work, media, price including 30% for gallery. You are welcome to bring your resumes, portfolios and business cards for the artists’ table.
  7. While hanging the exhibit will be a collaborative effort, the Gallery Director has final say on editing artwork, and their placement.
  8. Artists are likely to be asked to assist in hanging their work. Please be prepared to briefly step away from the other conference activities, sometime on Sunday or Monday to assist with placing your work.
  9. Sharing your artwork with all in the community is integral to the success of the conference. The 30% markup is necessary to help cover operating costs of the Gallery and the Conference at large. As such, exceptions will not be made. In gratitude.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to meeting you, seeing your work, and creating an inspiring and dynamic gallery experience!


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