How I Became a Tedious Eco-Poet
A poem by Sam Mansfield

Be joyful / though you have considered all the facts.

– Wendell Berry

It was after I considered all the facts

It was because I love inconvenience

It was when I read the phrase incompatible with a globally organized community

It was after I lost all sense of proportion

It was when I topped up my coolant tank with chartreuse poison

It was because power makes me anxious

It was the demonstrator with the sign that read Yo mama’s so hot, she’s about to experience

desertification and rising sea levels

It was because I am enamored of the city

It was after I tallied the fat of the land

It was when I read Given the choice between starving and raiding, humans raid

It was because I look forward to raiding

It was because the side of denial is breeding free-range super PACs

It was because the side of reason is shamed into respectable inaction

It was because we do not have to live like this

It was because there is still some time.



Copyright © 2016 Sam Mansfield. All rights reserved.
Photograph by Marcus Wise


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