mushroom on forest floor

The Fruiting Body

What does it mean to behold the fruiting body of a complex mycelial network? What conditions must be present in order for those mushrooms we see to emerge overnight, leaf litter on their caps? What is invisible to us, and what becomes visible if we bend our heads just a little closer to the earth?

This year, we delve into the soil, to the layer beneath, and tend to that which emerges from it. We explore those rich avenues of mycelial communication, we behold the erupting joy, and we consider the complex webs, visible and invisible, in which we wander.


Let’s Go

Past Stories & Themes: 

2022: The Stories We Tell
2021: Gathering at the Table
2020: The Woman Who Married a Mountain: Mythic Feminine and a Troubled Earth
2019: The Village and the Forest: Generosity, Naivety, and the Underworld
2018: Searching for The Blue Feather
2017: Nostos – Homecoming