Each year, the conference is held by both a story and a theme, which we explore in depth over the week through storytelling, poetry, music, the visual arts, mask-making, ritual, and more.

2024 Theme:

Wayfinding, Unlikely Teachers and Steering into Mystery

Where do we go from here?

This is a serious question. Perhaps the most serious question.

Parts of the world are on fire. Other parts have been swallowed by sea.

We know that age-old patterns of migration, ceremony, and growth are being disrupted, profoundly affecting the human, animal, and unseen realms. Some of us find we have no home to which we can return.

As the conference celebrates its 50th anniversary, our community will journey across Lake Damariscotta to a new location at Camp Wavus. However, out of the chaos of these times comes a much bigger navigational challenge, individually and collectively.

How do we set a course when the compass needle is spinning? When do we hold onto our maps, and when do we toss them aside? How may we rouse our dreaming bodies to the ancient songs of earth and sky? Who and what do we look to for guidance, knowledge, wisdom? What stories will lead us home?

For fifty years, the Great Mother Conference has explored questions such as these. On our golden anniversary, we invite you to step with us into the crossroads.

Past Stories & Themes:

2023: The Fruiting Body
2022: The Stories We Tell
2021: Gathering at the Table
2020: The Woman Who Married a Mountain: Mythic Feminine and a Troubled Earth
2019: The Village and the Forest: Generosity, Naivety, and the Underworld
2018: Searching for The Blue Feather
2017: Nostos – Homecoming

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