Nest, Photo Credit Luke Brugger

2018 Reading List

Book Title Author Scatterlings: Getting Claimed in the Age of Amnesia Martin Shaw A Branch from the Lightning Tree: Ecstatic Myth & the Grace in Wildness Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Wet Black Branch of Language A Story as Sharp as a Knife: The Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their World Robert Bringhurst The Tree of […]

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Crossing the Waters

An excerpt from a forthcoming interview in OYA online magazine. Consider gathering with Tony Hoagland and Dr. Martin Shaw mid-Decemeber in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Details here.   ….Many of us are lonely. And not because we need a new therapy, or mantra, or clever idea, we are lonely because we don’t speak to each […]

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Story and Poetry In Santa Fe

THE KING AND QUEEN MUST WED THE LAND: Romanticism as Activism An Evening of Story and Poetry with Dr. Martin Shaw & Tony Hoagland Friday, December 15, 2017  7-9PM Myth insists that in each of us a great kingdom presides: filled with forests, remote castles, giants, witches, lovers, the dreams of the earth itself. To hear a story […]

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Present by Ann Arbor


  Present A poem by Ann Arbor written on June 1, 2016 during 42nd Annual Conference I’m here on the back deck made of rusty nails and weather beaten boards. Here where the chokecherry blossoms hold some small wasps in an opening dance. This is only the beginning of summer. The chestnut’s candelabra points in […]

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Age of the Serpent Workshop with Paul Kingsnorth and Martin Shaw


Workshop with Martin Shaw and Paul Kingsnorth We live in strange, shifting times. The impossible becomes normal every day, and those who are supposed to understand how the world works – media, pollsters, pundits – look as confused as anyone else. Old political battle lines are dissolving, and too often listening and talking are replaced […]

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How I Became a Tedious Eco-Poet

How I Became a Tedious Eco-Poet A poem by Sam Mansfield Be joyful / though you have considered all the facts. – Wendell Berry It was after I considered all the facts It was because I love inconvenience It was when I read the phrase incompatible with a globally organized community It was after I […]

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On the Way Home from the Wildlife Sanctuary Poem Art

On the Way Home from the Wildlife Sanctuary

                  On the Way Home from the Wildlife Sanctuary A poem by Dale Rosenkrantz You found no arrows in the rainy forest – Elizabeth McKim On the way home from the wildlife sanctuary I found you curled on the bottom of a cloud like hair stuck to […]

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and i let the fish go poem art great mother and new father conference

And I Let the Fish Go

And I Let the Fish Go A poem by Abbot Cuttler When certain emotions show up I find it is best to dismiss them as if they are careful vassals entering the court of my body, and I their lord. Of course they are not and, of course, it is I who bow to them, […]

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waking poem art great mother and new father conference blog


Waking A poem by Audrey Gidman I step into my body as though I am a temple making holy the dirt. Here              I crack myself open     like an eggshell –                     a pale blue thing        coming apart […]

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